Frances Itani

Melodic.  Authentic.  Poignant.  Reverent.

All words to describe Frances Itani’s masterpiece, Requiem.  Written in the first person, this novel reads like a memoir, opening in 1997 shortly after the unexpected passing of Bin Okuma’s wife.  A recent empty-nester and now widower, Bin decides that the time has come to chase the ghosts of his childhood.  With art supplies, classical music, and faithful hound in tow, Bin begins his cross country journey back to the Fraser Valley and the site of the internment camp that he once called home.
The most compelling storyline in this novel is the thread that recounts Bin’s childhood and the expulsion of his family from the west coast of B.C. following the bombing of Pearl Harbour in 1941.

REQUIEM – Novel, Canada
Author – Frances Itani
32x84x108; soft cover; 328p.
ISBN – 978-954-8356-44-2


"Не искам книгите ми да се четат само защото са вдъхновени от различни култури, а защото са добри фентъзи романи, които разказват интересни истории със силни характери..."

Баръш Мюстеджаплъоглу