The Speckled People

The Speckled People

Hugo Hamilton

Hugo Hamilton's The Speckled People triumphantly avoids the style of sentimental nostalgia and victim claims, and stands up well in the mighty, unending competition for most memorable Irish life-story. Gradually, what the child-narrator sees and hears begins to turn into what he knows and understands - secrets, conflicts, histories, beliefs. It is a bold strategy, because it does so call Joyce to mind, but it pays off handsomely. This story about a battle over language and a defeat in "the language wars" is also a victory for eloquent writing, crafty and cunning in its apparent simplicity.

“The Speckled People” – novel,; Ireland
Author – Hugo Hamilton
84 X 108/32, soft cover, 250p.
ISBN – 978-954-8356-21-3

"Не искам книгите ми да се четат само защото са вдъхновени от различни култури, а защото са добри фентъзи романи, които разказват интересни истории със силни характери..."

Баръш Мюстеджаплъоглу