Honey Cookie Cafe


Zeynep Cemali

After losing her mother, Sila finally opens their dream cafeteria with the help of her father and her aunt. The intriguing visitors of the Honey Cookie Café, named after her mother’s famous recipe, will be a life enriching experience.

Honey Cookie Cafe novel, Turkey

Author- Zeynep Cemali

Format - 32х48х108

Soft cover, 206 p.

ISBN 978-954-8356-54-1

Journey to Karabakh


Aka Morchiladze

This book is a fascinating account of the interplay between freedom and captivity – material, political, cultural and social – of a young man desperate for an authentic experience that is not mediated by social or cultural convention, nor cushioned by his father’s money.

Journey to Karabakh , novel, Georgia
Author – Aka Morchiladze
32x48X108, 168p., soft cover
ISBN – 978-954-8356-55-8

My Excentric Dad


Zeynep Cemali

In this book Zeynep Cemaly, the outstanding writer of children’s literature relates her childhood memories in Istanbul where she grew up. The stories relate the adoration of a young girl for her father, her growing up to maturity and the interesting events that she experienced through many colourful stories.

My Excentric Dad novel, Turkey
Zeynep Cemali
32x48X108, 176p., soft cover
ISBN – 978-954-8356-56-5



Zeynep Cemali


A beautiful young adult’s novel full of unusual stories of ordinary people, stories about family relations and coming of age, but also about prejudice, differences, customs and traditions. About the right for education. 

My Ankara Granny – novel, Turkey

Author- Zeynep Cemali
Format - 32х48х108
Soft cover, 174 p.
ISBN 978-954-8356-50-3




Gale Zoe Garnett



Savage Adoration is about fathers and daughters, fathers and sons, female independence, the myth of safety, heritage pushing through upbringing and is a scavenger hunt with some real scavengers. Ellissa learns how vertiginous and surreal “real life” can be when love, death and money collide. Her journey is sometimes funny, sometimes deadly serious – just like life.

Savage Adoration

Novel, Canada

Author- Gale Zoe Garnett

Format- 32х84x108

Soft cover; 262 p.

ISBN - 978-954-8356-51-0


"Не искам книгите ми да се четат само защото са вдъхновени от различни култури, а защото са добри фентъзи романи, които разказват интересни истории със силни характери..."

Баръш Мюстеджаплъоглу