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Arka Publishing House was founded in1992.
The initial idea was to publish books addressed mainly to children and young adults no matter whether the books were about physical or mental disabilities, education or spiritual development of the personality.

Gradually we enlarged this thematic and generic profile without straying from the original idea. Thus together with the special and popular literature our catalogue added to its list not only books for a wider young reading public but for its parents as well. We take great care in choosing literature with quality and traditions from all over the world. For its best presentation in Bulgarian we work with a strong team of professional editors and talented literary translators - all deeply in love with children’s literature.

We have translated and published with success books from Canada, the USA, England,Ireland, Sweden, Australia, Turkey – countries having serious traditions in children’s and young adults’ literature.

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"Не искам книгите ми да се четат само защото са вдъхновени от различни култури, а защото са добри фентъзи романи, които разказват интересни истории със силни характери..."

Баръш Мюстеджаплъоглу